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How do you recommend signing up?

The recommended sign on method is to get a free consultation so we can speak about your needs

Do you charge extra for nutritional guidance and a diet plan?

Training and nutrition work hand in hand when it comes to reaching your fitness goals so I do offer nutritional advice in my personalized programs however this is not a diet plan it is diet schedule for free and are not offered in the premade programs

What types of home fitness equipment do you recommend?

Some of the best home equipment is also some of the cheapest and most common. For a beginner, I would recommend a good set of resistance bands with handle attachments a pull-up bar for a door frame, and a foam roller this would all only come out to about 50 to 60 dollars and will give you a good start to improving your health and fitness and reaching for your goals

What are your prices like?

My prices a fairly low and I offer discounts for new clients as well as for clients who order multiple sessions

What discounts do you offer?

I offer discounts for new clients and addition discounts for clients that choose to add more than one session per week to a maximum of 6 per week. These offers can stack

How are you different from a regular gym?

The main flaws of going to the gym are a lack of motivation and structure many people know what they want out of the gym but don't know how to get it that's where I come in I will provide structure to your program and help motivate you to push you towards the goals that you want to achieve

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